NAMM 2016’s 7 Most Exciting Reveals

Like many other animals in these bitter winter months, many musicians resort to hibernation. Thankfully the annual Winter NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show takes place in California every January, where the world’s biggest names in music reveal their mouthwatering new products and excite the imaginations of musicians worldwide. So to keep your musical brain excited this hibernation season, here are 10 of the most exciting reveals from NAMM 2016.

1 – Tone Shifter 3

The advent of apps has changed the way many guitarists are experimenting with sound, apps like JamUp and AmpKit allow users to simulate the world’s finest amp and effects tones. Tone Shifter 3’s creator however, found that although these were great, using them in a live setting was awkward, requiring the user to have to bend down and interact with their device, often also causing latency issues. So was born the Tone Shifter 3, the world’s first smart sound interface. 

2 – Fender Elite Series

The evolution of Fender’s American Deluxe Series, the Elite series focuses heavily on getting a genuine vintage tone with state of the art noiseless pick-ups, improved comfort and playability with a mix of C and D shaped necks,  and as ever elegance and outright beauty. 

3 – KORG Minilogue

Korg have been pioneers in synthesiser technology since their inception, and since 2006 have reinvested their efforts in the analogue technology that made them a household name. This sub $500 analogue synth mixes classic analogue with cutting edge technology and has producers fighting to get one. 

4 – Yamaha’s Bluetooth Midi adaptor

With home recording hardware getting more sophisticated, simpler to use and cheaper every year at NAMM, it is little inventions like Yamaha’s bluetooth MIDI connector that often succeed in making home producers the happiest. 

5 – Orange O-Bass

Although renowned for their amplification, Orange have released a gorgeous new bass guitar, aptly named the O-Bass, and as this video demonstrates it has “more growl than a copper’s dog”.

6 – Teenage Engineering PO Series

Teenage Engineering have brought out some fascinating products, specialising in pocket sized synthesisers that pump out some mind blowing sounds. Their new range of PO (Pocket Operator) synths were announced at NAMM this year, retailing at just $69 the PO-20 Arcade, PO-24 Office and PO-28 Robot look, if nothing else, like a huge amount of fun.

7 – Vox Nutube Amplifier

Vox is renowned for its crisp, gorgeous tones, and have always been the go to brand for tube aficionados. Their Nutube Amp, although only a prototype has managed to shrink the size of the tubes to 30% of the size using only 2% of the power. We can’t wait for this one.