Sire: The Company Revolutionising the Guitar Industry You’ve Never Heard Of

It seems there’s no industry these days that isn’t dominated by a few large established names. They set the standard for price, and for quality, and go out of their way to make life very difficult for new companies who offer an alternative to their way of thinking.

This is certainly the case in the guitar industry, what young guitarist doesn’t dream of one day owning a Fender or Gibson? Only to gasp at the price tag and have to settle for an inferior quality instrument, that often deters them from progressing any further. Even the cheaper alternatives to these instruments are monopolised by big brands, think of Squier and Epiphone.

Enter the underdog! Sire guitars vision is simple, and the worst nightmare for the big companies. Make superior quality instruments for an affordable price. Many companies claim to do this, but none have succeeded so wildly successfully as Sire.

Their first bass guitar to hit the shelves internationally has been dubbed by the guitar community “the game changer”. It has internationally sold out and been called everything from “a masterpiece” to “the best guitar of the last 10 years”.

So how have this small unheard of guitar company managed such success? Despite the quality of their instruments, the company’s founder, Kyle Kim was shunned by the international market, claiming “because SIRE is a Korean company and brand that nobody knows about in the international market, there are not going to be many buyers.”

To overcome the prejudice of the guitar community against buying Korean made guitars, Kyle reinvented his Korean company Dame Guitars, and set up Sire in Los Angeles, USA. However he has another secret weapon up his sleeve, the help of a man named Marcus Miller, perhaps the world’s most famous bass player.

Miller shared Kyle’s vision of providing a fantastic instrument for an affordable price, he then worked with them for 2 years to perfect the sound of his line of bass guitars. Adding his signature sounds, active preamp and stunning good looks to Sire’s range of guitars.

The huge success of Sire and their products have sparked what the company is calling the “Sire revolution”, giving all the benefits back to the players and standing by their side. Sire claims to be a brand of the players, a true underdog, a people’s champion.

It is telling that these guitars are not distributed in directly in the UK, to order one of these you need to go through an international retailer. The big companies are scared, and for good reason, watch this space and get ready for the Sire revolution!

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