“Make Your Dreams Reality”: An Interview with MusicOTFuture’s Founder

As tough nuts go, the music industry is one of the hardest to crack. Many of us try, not all of us get there. But for those of you wondering what it takes, we asked Gemma from MusicOTFuture to give us some advice on what she thinks it takes to get your foot in the door.

Firstly tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi my name is Gemma, I’m 18 years old. I am the owner of Music OF The Future also known as MusicOTFuture, I promote unsigned artists and bands. Occasionally I also promote bands and artists who are signed to independent/known labels. I also help bands/artists if themselves or their manager approach me.

I do various things through MusicOTFuture, I do interviews, reviews and features and have lots of new ideas to expand it further in the near future.

How long have you been doing it?

A while now, I got into promoting at the age of 15 years old when I heard Singer/Songwriter Jessica Bell. Jess was the first artist I started promoting via social media. I started with a fan page just for Jess then a couple of months later I found Stockport indie band Grey Tea and started promoting these two together and this is how I came up with the Idea for Music of the Future. It wasn’t until the year later I got MusicOTFuture set up across all social media pages. For this I have Jessica Bell and the members of Grey Tea to thank. I still promote Jessica Bell but unfortunately Grey Tea are no longer a band, however I work for the lead vocalist of Grey Tea’s company Horzehoods. By working as well as promoting I am able to expand Music Of The Future which it’s all free and I don’t make any money from. To be honest I didn’t go into it for money, I went into it because I loved the bands and the artists. Altogether I’ve been promoting since around 2012.

Few people your age are so motivated, where does this motivation come from?

The motivation comes from my passion for unsigned artists/bands, promotion and letting the world hear their music. The signed artists and bands who approach me is overwhelming to be honest, the fact they want me to help them,  just a 18 year old with not many music industry contacts is just amazing. Also seeing people’s reactions to my Social Media pages and blogs is great.

What inspires you to work in the music industry and why?

What inspires me to work in the music industry… tough question. I guess the entertainment side to be honest. Seeing all the artist/bands that are unrecognised is just unbelievable so taking my love for music and seeing all these artists/bands that need help that inspires me. I love the behind the scenes work, you learn new things, meet new people. With MusicOTFuture I have so many amazing supporters from music companies and people on Twitter and Facebook and I want to keep expanding so I don’t let them down.

Tell us what you have learned about working in the music industry since starting MusicOTFuture?

I have learned about the different kind of genres and that the music industry is so unpredictable. That artists/bands don’t even know what’s going to happen. I have learnt so much from the artist and bands that I promote, about them and how they came onto the music scene.

These are just some of the things I have learnt but if you want to work in the music industry, get yourself out there and any criticism throw it in the past and enjoy what you do, because at some point in life people say horrible things and I’ve learned that instead of doing nothing … Prove them wrong and achieve your dream!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years …that’s really a tough ones. I really hope to get MusicOTFuture more exposure, a lot more. I’ve got so many plans for this that my 5 year plan may happen next week or next year who knows. So if you want to know be sure to carry on following me!

What advice do you have for other young people who want to work in the music industry?

Keep at it, don’t stop even if you have to work as a volunteer or just not get paid because the music scene isn’t about any of that.

If you’re not able to get any work experience in any sector because there isn’t a lot near where you live STILL DON’T GIVE UP!, I put myself in the music scene by creating MusicOTFuture and now have great support around me which I am so grateful for and I still do it all for free.

SO GET OUT THERE AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY LIKE I DID… even though I don’t get paid, I’m still living the dream. My Job now at Horzehoods is brilliant and that’s going to help expand MusicOTFuture.

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