10 reasons to join Stereotribes

  1. Simple and intuitive tools specifically for musicians to create their own campaigns
  2. Engage with your tribe and get real world support from your fans
  3. Dinner with Taylor Swift (Ok, this is not true, but we can all dream!)
  4. Have a team of industry experts working to promote your music
  5. Get your first campaign absolutely free if you register pre-launch and create your campaign this year
  6. Play guitar better than Jimi Hendrix (Also not entirely true)
  7. Unique opportunities to meet industry insiders
  8. Be immortalised in our tribe Hall of Fame
  9. VIP tickets to Stereotribes’ parties
  10. Become the Rockstar you were born to be (This we’ll stand behind)


Whether you’re a musician or music lover, #stereotribes wants to meet you, come sign up before we launch for exclusive benefits at http://www.stereotribes.com